Implementation & Training

The dedicated and experienced team at Moving Beyond DepressionTM (MBD) makes it a top priority to equip new sites to successfully launch and operate the MBDTM program. Adoption by a home visiting program or system involves three phases, which take place over a period of two years.

Phase I: Implementation

During this phase, new sites work closely with MBDTM central staff to map out and develop elements necessary for a successful launch and maintenance of the program

Elements include:

  • Creating a tailored implementation plan
  • Establishing infrastructure that will support screening, referral and treatment
  • Recruiting mental health staff
  • Setting up for data collection and management
  • Developing protocols for incorporating therapists into the home visiting program

Phase II: Training

Training is an integral part of the MBDTM program. Specialized trainings have been developed to ensure both therapists and home visitors have the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver the program.

Clinical staff training

Therapists and team leaders complete a two-day training that is offered three times per year.

MBDTM Training covers:

  • Assessment procedures
  • Review and use of clinical measures and IH-CBT activities
  • In-depth review of In-Home Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (IH-CBT) elements, manual and clinical tools
  • Collaborating with home visitors

Prior to or shortly after training, therapists receive an immersion in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in order to familiarize themselves with CBT principles and prepare them for providing treatment in a challenging and non-traditional setting.

Home visitor training

MBD trains home visiting staff and leadership in the implementation of MBDTM

Training covers:

  • Effects of depression on home visiting and child development
  • Overview of the Moving Beyond DepressionTM program
  • Screening, identification, and presentation of the program
  • Roles and responsibilities

Phase III: Ongoing Training and Support

Ongoing training and support are provided to therapists and team leaders to ensure mastery of skill and successful program implementation. This includes regularly scheduled conference calls to discuss issues related to assessment and treatment. Program leadership calls are scheduled quarterly to monitor program progress and assess needed support. The overarching goal is to support therapists and sites to fully master IH-CBT and to achieve the impressive outcomes obtained in our clinical trial.

Moving Beyond DepressionTM 2024 training dates

Location for Therapist Training:
Via Zoom
June 10th & 11th (Monday & Tuesday), 2024