Welcome to Moving Beyond Depression™

Home visiting is a widely used, voluntary service for new mothers and their young children that seeks to optimize child development and maternal life course. Moving Beyond Depression™ gives mothers participating in home visiting and who also suffer from depression the treatment that they need to function optimally and support their child’s development. It makes a difference for moms so they can make a difference for their children and benefit fully from home visiting.

Mandy's experience in Moving Beyond Depression™

Mandy shares how Moving Beyond Depression™ helped her overcome maternal depression around the birth of her daughter. Moving Beyond Depression™ (MBD), a program of Every Child Succeeds© at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, is a comprehensive, integrated, and evidence-based approach to identifying and treating depression in mothers participating in home visiting programs. Mothers receive In-Home Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (IH-CBT) that is delivered by masters level therapists.

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